Imran G hits the stage with intensity and clever quips that keep his audience enthralled and roaring with laughter. This former rocket scientist has performed around the country at Comedy Clubs, Theaters and Festivals such as SF SketchFest, Outside Lands as well as the NBC Standup Showcase. He is a winner of multiple comedy competitions and former Host of The Moth in San Francisco. Imran is the current co-host of the iTunes featured Bad Asians podcast and has also been featured on as part of their ‘Sounds like America’ segment. He also hosts Space Talks: A Virtual Reality Show about Space. Imran has worked with Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Fortune Feimster, Dana Carvey, Robin Williams and more. When not doing comedy he enjoys doing cartwheels and acting like he knows how to breakdance. He hopes this is enough because Imran also hates writing about himself in the 3rd person.


this is not me


some resume

Stand-up Comedy (Bay Area/CO/WA)

- Producer of Bad Asians

- Featured on as part of their ‘Sounds like America’ segment

- Opened for: Amy Schumer, Kyle Kinane, Nikki Glaser, Robin Williams and more

Stand-up Awards

- 2011 Walk the Plank Comedy Competition Winner

- 2012 San Jose Improv Comedy Competition Winner

- 2012 Rooster T Feathers Comedy Competition Finalist

- 2014 San Francisco Comedy Competition Semi-Finalist

- 2014 Moth StorySLAM Winner

- 2016 NBC Standup for Diversity Showcase Semi-Finalist

Sketch Comedy

- Winner of Killing my Lobster’s Acting Fellowship 2019

- Performer at Killing My Lobster (KML)

- Writer and performer at Bad Asians

- Writer and performer at Jet City Improv

- Writer and performer at Color Friends Show

- Wrote several sketches for each show, developed supplementary videos

Hosting Work

- Co-Host/Host of Bad Asians Podcast and live show

- Podcast was a ‘Featured Podcast’ on iTunes in May 2018

- Host of Space Talks: A Virtual Reality Show about all things Space

-Host of A Funny Thing Happened: A short Storytelling Show

- Former host for The Moth StorySLAM in San Francisco


- Heavenly Ski Resort Ad 2018/2019

- Google Ads Commercial 2015

- Ivory (Student film) Lead 2015

- Partition 1947 (Documentary) Host 2014

- Inner Voice (Student film) Lead 2013

Special Skills

- Fluent in Hindi, cartwheeling, ‘Pop-ing’ from pop-and-locking (no locking skills though), being able to binge watch while eating healthy foods and thorough technical analysis of vehicle subsystems